January Vogel

January Vogel is a creative living in Philadelphia, PA. At only eight years old, she was taught to sew by her father and started drawing when she was even younger.  In 2013, during her time as a graphic design student at the Art Institute, she began combining her drawings with her plushies, and started embroidering in 2018. Her eye for design brings the 90's nostalgia, fan art, and clever pop culture references to life in her work.

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Megan Roper

Megan Roper started creating upcycled statement earrings in 2018 after six years of teaching art in New York City schools. Each earring is designed, cut, and assembled by hand in Long Island City, New York, which is why no two earrings are exactly alike.

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Curtis Rindels

Boulder-based ceramic artist Curtis Rindels has been honing his craft since 2015. He makes functional wheel-thrown tableware meant for everyday use. Primarily self-taught, Curtis also spent four years working at The Pottery Lab in Boulder, where he helped manage the day-to-day operation of the studio and taught pre-teen classes. Curtis’ style is rustic and minimalistic. He aims to showcase the characteristics of the clay while keeping the shapes clean and simple. His pieces are timeless – something you reach for day after day.

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Leah Haney

Leah Haney began turning paper and glue into smashable art in 2011. She is self-taught, or “YouTube Certified” as she has dubbed it. Popularly associated with Mexico, piñatas have a rich history in many ancient cultures. They were broken to commence a new year, bless a bountiful harvest, or mark a personal journey. These ceremonial and community-based intentions are part of her work.

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