Photo credit: Alex Klinger

At Studiomade Goods, we make discovering beautiful hand-crafted work easy to find. That’s why we partner with select artisans across the country. We curate our inventory to spark your curiosity. We provide world-class customer service. And we share the journey of the artists with you. It’s a new way for you to support creatives online.

A bit about the founder …

Studiomade Goods was hidden in the back of my brain for years. It just took a casual conversation with an old friend to bring it into focus. We were catching up over lunch, chatting about the crazy success his Instagram page, when he revealed a surprising truth. Despite the overwhelming amount of 'likes' he was receiving he was still struggling to cover his bills solely through his art sales. When asked where he struggles the most, it was simple - closing the sale. After the meeting I thought, “Hey, I can do that! I can make sales for artists like him.”

For months I worked to build a website and meet artists that were willing to take a chance on me. I have grown to know their work, their practice, their fuzzy pets, and understand where they need the most support.

Working in the arts for over six years, I have become well versed in the challenges that artists face at every level of their career. My wide range of arts experience ranges from working as the curator at an independent gallery, contracting for a city-wide celebration of the arts, serving on the board of a non-profit arts organization, even building and running a college club that bridged the gap between arts and entrepreneurship. Our focus is to help the artist take that monumental step from hobby to profession.

Studiomade Goods is a space for artists to succeed financially and for people like you to support artists in a meaningful way. With Studiomade Goods a purchase goes further than just a paycheck for the artists. We invest our time and energy into acting as the professional team behind the artists. Improving your experience with a hassle-free return policy, one point of contact for customer service, and a curated selection of artisan goods. Find the next one-of-a-kind good for your home or loved one today.